EST. 2015

Rooted from Hackettstown, New Jersey, The sound of Canfield & company was founded by Devin Canfield. The project fuses progressive singer-songwriter nature with the melodic elements of punk rock. Its euphoric energy is motivated by spacious lead guitar and striking layers of chordal rhythms. A concrete foundation is solidified by potent drums and dynamic bass guitar. powerfully, the sound is used to provoke the relation of music to our  universal human condition and experience.

Around age 11, Devin Canfield began self teaching himself the guitar due to the exposure of guitar playing from his Uncles. Yet, it was within the walls of daily home life that engrained music as DNA and a natural aroma to existence and expression. This constant contact with music was the spark that ignited the passionate connection to songwriting and performing on the guitar. To this day, the expansion of playing, performing, songwriting, recording, learning music business, and musicality has been a never ending experience.